About The Charities

The Coffee Vineyard’s Jazz and Blues Festival is soon to be one of Georgia’s most visited Music Events benefiting charities. The Jazz and Blues Festival will be located in the heart of Holly Springs, Georgia, this location embraces community, will soon house one of the newest downtown districts while showcasing and supporting local charities and businesses.

This daylong event celebrates the influence of jazz and blues music in the American culture.  The musical event features twelve of some of the best local jazz and blue musicians and vocalist that Georgia has to offer. From 11am-11pm you will experience a wide genre of jazz and blues stylings that will satisfy the musical taste of every attendee.  

The Coffee Vineyard is committed to serving the Jazz and Blues community, while also raising monies for worthwhile causes. This is a FREE event. Food Trucks, Music and Vendors will round out the all-day event for jazz and blues lovers throughout Georgia.

2020 Jazz and Blues Festival Charities

We will be supporting the following causes and charities to help them thrive and grow throughout 2020.

Day of Jazz, Blues, Food and Fun !

12 Jazz and Blues Musicians and Vocalist

Food Trucks and Vendors

Helping To Raise Money For Three Causes and Charities.

jazz and blues festival 2020 The Coffee Vineyard